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What Is a Chargeback?

Every time you use a credit card or debit card you are initiating a transaction that is controlled and regulated. If it’s a Visa or Mastercard, your transactions are governed by terms and conditions that they adopted and published. These terms and conditions define rights and obligations for you, your bank, the merchant, and its bank.For example, if your card was lost or stolen and you see unexplained transactions on your account, you can immediately request your bank to reverse the charges. Visa and Mastercard mandate your bank take that action to protect you from fraud. Even when you willingly make a purchase, you are protected should your purchase not materialize or you receive something other than what was promised.

How long does a chargeback take?

The entire credit card chargeback process or debit card chargeback process, from your initial request to the final resolution, can take up to six months. In most of the cases we handle, chargeback processing takes three-to-four months.

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How do chargebacks work?

Visa and Mastercard guarantee that you can apply for a chargeback at any time within 120 days from the date of the transaction. Under certain conditions, the chargeback processing period can be as many as 540 days. In some jurisdictions, the law provides you with even more time to apply for a chargeback.American Express also imposes a 120-day time limit on its cardholders. Discover and Diners Club International, which it owns, do not have any deadline.

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